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Yin Yang Balls

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The Yin Yang balls are objects that can heal diseases (not all of them obviously) but they will be very useful to balance and harmonize your body energy.


How to practice with the Baoding Balls :

  • Take both balls in one hand (in the palm, with fingers slightly bent over them).
  • Rotate the balls using the flexing and extending movement of the fingers.
  • They should be rotated in one direction and then in the other for 3 minutes in each hand.

For our exercise, the balls must always touch each other. No need to rush into learning the Baoding balls, it will be of no interest to our fragile little fingers. Take your time in order to perform the movements well.

For more information on how to use these relaxation balls, please visit our dedicated blog article: Yin Yang Balls: How does it Work ?

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Yin Yang Balls : Mediation and Relaxation

Chinese health balls are derived from the Chinese medical tradition. These massage objects aim to activate the circulation of Qi within the body in order to restore an energetic balance. They have an ancient history dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1338-1644) where they were made in Baoding, a city in the Hebei province of China.

In traditional Chinese medicine, illness is the result of an energetic imbalance localized in certain organs of the body. Qigong balls aim to restore a fluid circulation of blood and Qi and ensure a proper energetic balance.

The rotation of the balls in the palm of the hand produces a sensation that stimulates the acupuncture points of the hand. This action regulates and intensifies the energy flowing along the meridians. In addition, the massage balls have the effect of activating blood circulation and regulating blood pressure. Their use is favorable to the reduction of stress.

Qi Gong Balls and Chinese Medicine

The handling of the health balls is a soft gymnastics coming from the Chinese energetics. These exercises, coming from traditional China, re-harmonize the energy in the body and stimulate the Qi.

In traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, practitioners use them to prevent, cure diseases and restore balance. Baoding ball gymnastics can also be a tool for opening up to spirituality and personal development.

History of the Baoding balls

Chinese health balls appeared in the city of Baoding, belonging to the Chinese province of Hebei. The first traces of the health balls date back to the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127) where they were used in martial arts. Later, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the balls were hollowed out to house a sounding iron blade that produced a low-pitched sound for one ball and a high-pitched sound for the other.

These sounds were to symbolize the cry of the Dragon and the song of the Phoenix. These Chinese balls were then offered as gifts to high Chinese dignitaries. The capture of the city of Baoding by the Japanese in 1937 interrupted the production of Qi Gong balls. The production was interrupted for a second time during the Cultural Revolution and then restarted for good in 1981.

Yin Yang Balls and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Harmony balls are used in medical qi gong to circulate energy along the meridians. In Taoism, the hand is seen as a mandala of signs giving information about the energetic health of the person. Exercises using the health balls nourish the vital energy and stimulate the reflex zones of the hand, thus activating the associated energy systems.

What benefits for using Chinese balls ?

Handling the Baoding balls strengthens the metabolism of the hand tissues. It activates the circulation of blood and Qi in the body. This Qi Gong exercise has a relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

In addition, the gestures with the balls stimulate brain activity, the left hand activating the right hemisphere, and the right hand stimulating the left hemisphere. And finally, the Yin and Yang sounds coming out of the balls have a positive effect on the auditory nerves, facilitating the relaxation of deep tissues.

Meditation balls, training preparation

Start by washing your hands before using the Meditation balls. The health exercises using the Baoding balls rely on the receptivity of the hands. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the fingers are connected to the five elements and allow communication with the organs of the body. Take the time to take your breath by focusing your attention on the breath. This initial work of breathing creates an inner space of tranquility and peace.

You can also do a meditation session before using the Qi Gong balls. Meditation allows the body and mind to synchronize and evolve again in accordance with the laws of nature. Visualization exercises can also be helpful in preparing for a Qi Gong exercise. Visualization facilitates the calming of the mind in order to regain a state of serenity of mind.

How to use these Relaxation balls ?

  • Place 2 Chinese balls in the palm of your hand:
  • Start by circulating the balls in the right or left hand by making slow movements.
  • Pay attention to the breathing to promote inner calm and letting go.
  • Make sure to keep the shoulders relaxed during the exercise.
  • Prefer a regular practice in order to improve yourself.

What are the requirements for a good choice of Balls?

There are two types of Qi Gong balls.

  1. The Chinese balls. These balls are small, hollow and produce a nice sound when in motion. They are suitable for therapeutic Qi Gong practice and relaxation exercises.
  2. Taiwanese balls. Also known as "Kung-Fu balls", these balls are larger. They are full and do not produce any noise. These balls are more difficult to use and require a higher level of mastery.