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Yin Yang Rings

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The left hand represents Yin, femininity, darkness, the moon, on the other hand, the right hand represents Yang, masculinity, fire, light. Depending on the hand on which you place the ring, it will activate or improve these attributes.


How to wear your Yin Yang Ring?

On the thumb

On the thumb, Yin means self-confidence. It represents someone who will have the ability to clearly and persuasively convey its ideas, and this same person will have a strong desire to impose its ideas on other people, the Yang will express a versatile and outgoing nature.

On the index finger

Placing the ring on his index finger will show a real will of power. The theory of Yin and Yang states that in the former case you are a leader, whereas in the latter case you are open to accepting the leading role of other people, and ready to play a passive role.

On the medium

In Yin theory, the ring on the middle finger signifies that you have the capacity to discern good from evil and to be capable of taking the necessary decisions in this regard, whereas the Yang approach will be to search for advice from others.

On the ring finger

Within the yin culture, it means to be innovative and smart, with the ability to fix issues with ease, and within the yang tradition it is equivalent to the wish to teach people how to be imaginative and how they can utilize their abilities for their own benefit.

On the little finger

Symbols of eloquence and persuasiveness, creativity and artistic skills, trickery and ingeniosity. A ring on the pinky finger shows a clearly expressive and controlling yin, yang on the capacity of a person to understand all that everybody is saying.

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