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Yin Yang Dream Catchers

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Our Yin Yang Dreamcatchers are particularly recommended for people who wish to find the right balance in their lives. Indeed, it can be used as a visualization object.


Our Yin Yang Dream Catchers

Discover our collection of Yin Yang Dream Catchers that will block nightmares and remove bad thoughts from your head. Fill you with serenity and soothe your chakras by hanging one of our dream catchers in your home. Whether in interior or exterior decoration. Above your bed or in your living room. This accessory with important spiritual qualities will confer you the benefits you are looking for.

Recognized throughout the world, the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang is associated with Native American inspired dream catchers. Yin Yang Dream Catchers are the result of the synergy of two philosophically rich cultures.

The Yin, the part in black, corresponds among others to the feminine principle, the darkness and the moon. The Yang, the part in white, evokes the masculine principle, luminosity and the sun.

The dream catchers allow the mastery of the surrounding energies to dream serenely. Its owner can then access to quality dreams allowing him/her to have the answers to his/her problems of the moment. They can be used as interior or exterior decoration; follow your aspirations before hanging it up. In any case, the lightness of its plumage and the perfect blend of its two colors allow it to blend easily into different types of decorations.

In order to guarantee your well being you can also opt for Yin Yang Balls. If you don't know how to use them, don't worry, we have a blog article dedicated to their use.