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Hello, welcome to Yin Yang Paradise™. Take a moment to explore your spirituality through our store, you will discover all kinds of Yin Yang Jewelry, Clothing, Accessories and many other beautiful things...

« Paradise is not a place. It's a state of mind. »

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☯ More than a simple jewel, proudly wear your dose of well-being through a Yin Yang Jewel with powerful spiritual values. ☯

Yin Yang Ball

Yin Yang Balls

Traditional Qi Gong balls, perfectly adapted to the needs of modern man, they stimulate the main meridians, re-harmonize the whole body by making the Chi, the principle of vital energy, circulate within us.

Our palms being the seat of our emotions and our spiritual life, the Qi Gong balls also bring a plus to the evolution of our whole being.

Yin Yang Balls

Yin Yang Tapestry

When we speak of Yin Yang, we are referring to a state of balance, a symbol of harmony between two energies. It represents the duality found in the universe.

Therefore, when we observe a Yin Yang mandala tapestry, we are referring to the same thing, a way to balance the chakras.

Yin Yang Tapestries
Yin Yang Tapestry

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Yin Yang

About Us

Yin Yang Paradise is a French company based in the west of France. With our team of enthusiasts, we regularly travel to China in search of exceptional Yin Yang jewelry combining harmony and balance. We select for you the best craftsmen of China who offer their ancestral know-how to the manufacture of unique jewels. 💍

Our mission is to popularize the Buddhist culture to the greatest number of people through quality Yin Yang jewelry sold at the best prices.

Whether you are a meditation practitioner, a practitioner of a yoga discipline (Yin Yang yoga, Karma yoga ...) or simply looking for an attitude worthy of great wisdom, our online store Yin Yang Paradise was created for you.

We understand that everyone is unique and we are looking for jewelry and spiritual objects that correspond to you. Our items combine inner peace with pure pleasure. They are all designed to increase your vibration. Let your intuition guide you, choose the jewelry or objects that you like, it's the best way to know that they are made for you. 🧘‍♂️

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