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Yin Yang Paintings

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Yin Yang Paintings are decorations that will make your home very harmonious. This kind of decor will remain the best to install a Feng Shui style in your home.


Our Yin Yang Paintings

Bring a Zen touch to your living room with our Yin Yang wall decorations. Zen wall art has always been a trendy way to create a relaxing mood in your home. Our Paintings make no exception to the rule and offer you beautiful and unique designs. Our Yin Yang Canvas will be perfect for a living room, a bedroom or even a space dedicated to Zenitude.

You certainly know the principle of Ying and Yang, since it is one of the most famous philosophies that come from the East.

We recognize it above all by its symbol: the black and white circle that represents the opposing and complementary forces that form harmony and balance.

At Yin Yang Paradise, we have decided to offer you a selection of paintings that symbolize great values.

Thus, if you wish to integrate an elegant and Feng Shui touch to the design of your living room, or that of your bedroom, we advise you to opt for our Canvas, you will find in our collection :

  • Yin and Yang Koi Fish Paintings
  • Yin Yang Abstract Paintings
  • Fire and Water Yin Yang Paintings

And why not to match your Yin Yang Canvas with a beautiful Yin Yang Tapestry ? Find a Wall Tapestry which will harmonize perfectly with one of our Paintings.