Yin Yang Bracelets

Sacred millennium object par excellence, the Yin Yang Bracelet was traditionally made with small wood or stone beads. This taoist bracelet is a jewel of exception thanks to the fusion of the virtues of these crystals and the positive waves emitted. Yin Yang Bracelets are also an excellent support during your practice.

The virtues of the Yin Yang Bracelet out of natural stones

Benefit from a daily spiritual guide thanks to the benefits of the natural stone beads that make up your Yin Yang Bracelet. This ornament has a powerful vibration that helps elevate your spirituality to reach enlightenment.

Combined with lithotherapy, Yin Yang Bracelets increase the resonance of your vibration tenfold, encourage the realization of your projects and stimulate your energetic power.

Each natural stone has its own healing virtues, their properties amplify the spiritual resonance of your thought. As the bracelet woman in black agate harmonizes the yin and the yang or the black obsidian to push back the negative energies.

Many yogis also wear a Stone Bracelet combined with a Mala to pose an intention at the beginning of the session to increase their concentration and improve their centering.

The benefits of natural stone beads will vibrate throughout your entire being and provide for the real needs of your body, soul and spirit while encouraging you to let go.

If you wish to meditate and strengthen your inner introspection - while protecting yourself - choose the golden Yin Yang Bracelet.

    By wearing this Yin Yang bracelet around the left wrist, you harmonize your chakra and your energy and you promote your anchoring during the practice of the postures. Combined with the Tree of Life Bracelet, it encourages mindfulness breathing and supports the balance of your postures.

    It is also a true meditation support, this jewel for women and men, intensifies your meditation practice while dispensing you with patience and centering.

    The Yin Yang Bracelet is also a good luck charm, do not hesitate to combine it with the a great necklace in order to have luck on your side.

    The purchase of a Yin Yang Bracelet

    You will have understood it, a Yin Yang Bracelet is one more step on the path of your personal development. This ethnic bracelet (or Yin Yang rush) will become an extension of your state of mind and will stimulate your resonance.

    Take full advantage of its vibrations and increase your receptivity by wearing it on your wrist. According to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, it is preferable to put this ethnic bracelet on your left hand because it is the receiver of positive energy.

    It will go very well with your other jewels like a necklace, a yin yang bracelet or earrings. Combine with a nice bracelet with natural stones to amplify the energy.

    Our Yin Yang Bracelets are composed of natural stones of all sizes which are appropriate for all the morphologies of wrist thanks to their resistant elastic.

    The cleaning, purification and energetic recharging of your ornaments depends a lot on the stone beads composing it.

    Take care of semi-precious stones with distilled water, salt, white sage fumigation or Palo Santo.

    Once your Yin Yang Bracelet purified, place it outside in the sunlight or under the full moon. Ask about the peculiarities of the beads in your bracelet, because some stones do not appreciate the warmth of the sun.

    Diffuser of energy and well-being, purifier of spirit and protector against negative waves, these are the main capabilities of this cheap ornament.

    Purify your beautiful bracelet after each energetic work done to eliminate negative or impure waves.

    You hesitate between the purchase of a Yin Yang Bracelet for men or a golden Yin Yang Bracelet?

    On Yin Yang Paradise, you will find a collection of Yin Yang jewelry with high spiritual and vibratory potential, bracelets for women or men.

    Our small prices adapted to all budgets, allow you to boost the full power of your karma and elevate your spiritual faculties. In addition, free shipping is available.

    Combine your Bracelet with a pair of Yin Yang Earrings. This will harmonize the whole and give you a special feeling of well-being.

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