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Yin Yang Necklaces

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The Yin Yang Necklace is a powerful jewel that aims to improve your serenity, soothe your chakras and to recognize your spiritual values. They can also be used to share your complementarity with your close relations thanks to our Yin Yang 2 Pieces Necklaces.


Our Yin Yang Necklaces

If you possess powerful philosophical and spiritual values, wearing a Yin Yang Pendant will be a real asset to reconnect with yourself or someone close to you. Our Yin Yang jewels will bring you multiple benefits: Appeasement, serenity, inner peace, well-being...

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If you wish to share your complementarity with a close relation then direct you towards our Yin Yang 2 Pieces necklace.

Yin Yang Necklace Meaning

Reinforce your Taoist beliefs by wearing a necklace signifying balance and harmony.

The yin yang necklaces have a very deep meaning. Wearing a Taoist pendant is like wearing the fundamental values of Taoism close to your heart. This jewelry represents the perfect duality between two totally opposite forces which are represented by yin and yang.

The most worn Taoist pendants are usually those that are separated into 2 distinct pieces perfectly balanced. Share your precious values by wearing a necklace with the person who completes you with a split piece of jewelry with our Yin Yang Couple Necklace.

Yin Yang Couple Necklace

Usually separated into 2 separate necklaces, these pendants have a big advantage: they can be shared with your beloved, your best friend or simply someone close to you. One will wear Yin and the other will wear Yang. This jewel will show that you are very complementary with the person you share this pendant with.

Perfect Gift Idea: The Taoist Necklace

Whether it is a necklace for one or two people, the yin yang necklace will be a most original and harmonious gift. Offering this jewel to a Taoist will express your love for this believer. But you can, of course, offer this necklace to someone who loves the yin yang symbol and its concept of duality.

If you don't know what to offer to your partner, in our blog section, we made an article in which we selected the best yin yang gifts to offer.

Add one of our Yin Yang Rings to your Yin Yang Pendant to complete your outfit.