Yin Yang Nails

Discover our selection of pretty Yin Yang Fake Nail kits for a flawless and long-lasting manicure. Rather long, colored or oval nails? Make your choice among our faknails adapted to all desires!

Our Yin Yang Nails

The Yin Yang Nails will ensure you both carry the core values of Taoism on your fingertips as well as the beauty of the Chinese symbol representing the perfect duality that exists between two balanced opposing forces.

If you are tired of chipped nail polish, short nails or if you want to cover your bitten nails, you are at the right place! Indeed, to have a perfect and long-lasting manicure, it is possible thanks to the cheap faknails available on our online shop Yin Yang Paradise!

The benefits of using them are numerous. They help to stop nail biting, to protect damaged nails, to have long nails immediately and also to benefit from a smooth base and therefore pleasant to the touch.

How to apply fake nails?

We reveal you our techniques of pose for a result worthy of a nail technician. First of all, you have to prepare your natural nails for a long lasting result. For this, you will need several accessories for the nails. Remove any nail polish residue, then wash your hands with an oil-free soap. The second step is to trim the nails with appropriate nail clippers or scissors, then file them. The goal is to have short, smooth and even nails to facilitate the application of artificial nails. Then use a boxwood stick to push back the cuticles. For an optimal adhesion, do not hesitate to use a polisher to polish them, remembering to remove the dust afterwards.

The installation of fake nails can now begin. Choose the Yin Yang Fake Nail kit that suits you best. If needed, you can use a cheap nail file to shorten them and adjust the shape of the nails. Next, apply a dot of special glue under the faknail. Then position it meticulously on your natural nail. If the capsules are already colored, the nail art is finished. If this is not the case, you can decorate the nails with a classic thin layer of nail polish or perform a French manicure.

You now know all the secrets for a perfect manicure at home and at a cheap price!

How to remove faknails?

To remove them, nothing could be easier! Start by cutting each cap to facilitate removal. Then, dip your fingers in a bowl filled with acetone remover for about ten minutes to dissolve the glue. You can now remove the faknails without any problem. Don't forget to clean your hands well, moisturize your skin and let your nails breathe for a few days before the next time you want to apply the low cost capsules.

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