Yin Yang Tapestries

The Yin Yang Tapestry will bring to your house a very special Chinese spiritual style, it will also bring an incomparable Feng Shui style! Hang it on your wall to embellish your living room in the most beautiful way.

Our Yin Yang Tapestries

Improving your life and your daily routine by arranging your interior in such a way as to promote the circulation of positive energy, that is the promise of Feng Shui. Our Yin Yang Tapestries help you to make circulate these positive vibes in your interior.

The White of Yang is a symbol of purity, it symbolizes the opening and the availability while giving a feeling of space to your interior. While Yin will bring out: depth, contemplation, introspection, intimacy of feelings. All these are the symbolism of black, which also has a connotation of luxury.

Mandala Yin Yang Tapestry

The Tapestry of the Mandala has the advantage of to be intemporal, versatile and adapts itself to all the styles of interior. The Yin Yang wall tapestries are light and hang easily. The Yin Yang pattern with mandala gives your interior a spiritual aspect.

The mandala is a pattern charged of symbolism. According to the culture or religion, it may represent the cosmos, the goddess or the enlightenment of the spirit. The Buddhist priests are using the mandala to enter into deep meditation and find inner peace.

Hanging the mandala on the wall is the best way to embellish your living room to provide a peaceful and soothing cocooning mood. Your living room will become a special area where bad thoughts and troubles will no longer belong.

Decorate your room with two of our Yin Yang Tapestry but especially do not forget to accompany this decoration with two of our Yin Yang Pillows, it will be ideal to keep a wonderful Feng Shui effect !

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