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Water Tapestry
Water Tapestry

Water Yin Yang Tapestry

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Give life to your living room by decorating it with this Water Tapestry ! In the universal religious conscience, waters are felt at the same time as making die and making live. This is what the ancient alchemical formula says: "Water is what kills and what brings life".

Features of this Water Tapestry:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Give a unique style to your home
  • Printing: High quality and color accuracy
  • Decor type: Yin Yang Tapestry
  • Machine washable

Having trouble appreciating the yin yang symbol with a water design? Then discover the values of the bagua symbol in this bagua tapestry with surprising finishing qualities. Visit our collection of yin yang tapesties to discover harmonious decorations. Discover our yin yang decor to amplify your spirituality through a taoist object.

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