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How to use the Bagua Mirror?

Bagua Mirror

Feng Shui is an ancient art that has built up a serious reputation over the years.

Most of the time, its secrets and teachings are used to harmonize the energies of a room, to protect us from life's misfortunes and sometimes even to cure certain ailments.

The applications of Feng Shui principles are (very) numerous.

In this context, the bagua mirror is often described as a powerful remedy capable of protecting us (or our loved ones) from negative energies, while favoring those that are good for us.

Once we have established this, some questions quickly arise...

How to use the bagua mirror? 🤔

And in fact, what are the situations where the powers of the bagua can be useful?

It is precisely to these very legitimate questions that we will try to provide answers today.

Bagua Mirror

What Is a Bagua Mirror in Concrete Terms?

As we said in the introduction, the Feng Shui Bagua Mirror is a powerful tool, a kind of remedy used to solve certain energy-related problems.

Also known as pa kua mirror or ba ga mirror, such a mirror consists of an orthogonal frame with a trigram on each side.

If you want to see it clearly, here is a bagua mirror that we propose on our store and that corresponds to the "basic" mirror recommended by the masters of Feng Shui.

In short, the trigrams we have just mentioned are figures made of three lines used in the Chinese tradition to represent specific energies. Their exhaustive description can be found in the famous "Book of Transmutations".

Apparently, the bagua mirror owes a large part of its powers to these trigrams. ☱

Feng Shui masters explain that these strange patterns would create a kind of energy field which would develop the intrinsic reflective capacities of the mirror.

Concretely, the trigrams specific to the Feng Shui bagua allow to create extremely powerful energy flows. 

Bagua Mirror

What Is the Purpose of this Chinese mirror?

While the energetic effects of a simple mirror would be limited to a few centimeters in front of it, those of the bagua mirror can easily invade a whole room.

However, it should be noted that every day we are subjected to real energy attacks, known in Feng Shui as sha chi, or poisoned arrows.

The bagua protects us from these "energy arrows".

In addition to this power of reflection, our mirror also knows how to attract and channel Qi (a kind of vital energy) to concentrate it in certain specific points of our environment.

This serves to increase our overall levels of luck, happiness and health. 🍀

How to use the Bagua Mirror?

The Different Types of Mirrors

A mirror can have a flat, concave or convex shape. The same is true for the bagua mirror in Feng Shui.

The effects of these different shapes are actually very easy to understand:

  • A convex mirror will disperse energies.
  • A flat mirror will reflect them identically.
  • A concave mirror will concentrate them

Besides that, the frame also has its importance.

While most mirrors are made of wood, there are some models made of metal, and sometimes even carved stone.

To better understand the different consequences of the choice of material, we refer you to the Taoist doctrine of the five elements and the study of their respective virtues. 🌿

In general, we can also distinguish two different types of mirrors: the bagua of the front sky and the one of the back sky.

The former is recognized by the presence of three uninterrupted lines at the top of the mirror. This particular pattern, known as the trigram of the sky, is the one most associated with Yang energy.

The rear sky bagua also has this famous trigram, except that it will be located on the bottom of the frame. On the top of the frame will be the trigram of Li, the one associated with the energy of fire and therefore with a very intense Yin.

Let's also specify: of the two types of Feng Shui bagua, it is clearly the first of the two that you will find more often.

Bagua Mirror

Description of the Action of a Bagua Mirror According To Feng Shui

This tool, although very powerful, does not create nor suppress any energy.

Its mode of action will in fact be based on three other main axes:

  • Concentration, to increase the sources of beneficial effects
  • Dispersion, to decrease everything that causes us harm
  • Reflection, to redirect all this in the desired directions

So we can see that we are talking about an object working on the level of energy, the Asians would talk about Chi, modifying its form and its intensity.

Very clearly, this is not something to be taken lightly!

With a bagua mirror, you have the power to shape the energies that flow through your home. 🏠

Imagine the disasters that can happen if you do it the wrong way...

It is obvious: the application of the bagua is a very technical matter that cannot be done without the advice of a real specialist.

In the most extreme cases where urgency is required, you can hang one yourself, but only above your front door in order to limit its effects as much as possible in the living areas.

As a general rule, we prefer to recommend slightly less powerful (but clearly not less effective) tools to solve minor problems.

Bagua Benefits

In Which Cases to Use This Tool?

Let's take a look at the basics of how to use the bagua mirror according to Feng Shui.

First of all, here are three basic but terribly important rules to respect:

  • A bagua mirror should never be used inside a completely closed room (for example, you should keep a window or door open to the outside).
  • This tool should only be used when there is a clearly identified negative energy. Using such a mirror in a "healthy" context could actually have the opposite effect and attract negativity.
  • This follows from the first two rules, but it goes without saying that the Feng Shui ring mirror is not a decorative object and should not be used as such.

In fact, some elements of your environment are the source of the famous "sha chi" we talked about before. Their presence can therefore easily put you on the track of a possible need to use a bagua mirror.

The most important of these are sharp points and corners. If any room in your house (or worse, your entire house) is full of them, then it is likely that negative energies are flowing in it.

The corners of the rooms and objects with sharp angles are therefore blamed here, but also the presence of street lights that point towards your home, or other houses whose cornices end up in a movement pointing towards your home. 🏡

To go further in the harmonization of the energies of your house, here is a guide of some elements to follow which will allow you to make your house more Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

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