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Yin Yang Cat Symbolism

Yin Yang Cat

The popular Yin-Yang is widely represented with many things and creatures. Its combination with the Cat is also known to play an essential role in Chinese culture. Many Chinese philosophies hold different beliefs about the Cat, some good and some bad. As a result, the Yin-Yang Cat symbol has also recently gained significance in the past few years.

Presently, the Yin-Yang Cat has also become an important symbol of keeping a balance amid everything in the world. This descriptive guide enlightens you on the Chinese philosophies and beliefs about the Cat and how this particular animal can also be associated with the two universal forces of Yin and Yang.🐈

Yin Yang Cat

Cat Symbolism in China

The majority of us are aware of the old superstition related to black cats as harbingers of bad luck and misfortunes, mainly because of their witchcraft associations. Even though these kinds of myths are rarely founded or proved by any science, it continues to be persistent in Europe and the US.

As a result, these stories have made it nearly impossible for black cats to find shelter, love, and permanent homes. However, it is essential to know that not all cultures believe in these ridiculous superstitions, nor do they cling to them. In some cultures, including the Chinese culture, the people actually believe that the black cats are a sign of good luck and fortune. 🍀

yin yang cat necklace

According to Chinese folklore and legends, the Cat is typically famous for being a member of the race held to determine the animal zodiac signs for each month. However, despite ancient Chinese history, the Chinese Zodiac contains no sign of the Cat. There are some exciting versions of the story behind this, as follows:

  1. The Cat is presumed to be one of the front-runners throughout the race. Unluckily, while riding on the ox’s back together, the rat sabotaged the Cat by pushing it into the river. When the Cat finally recovered from this major setback and came back on the ground, the race had already ended. Unfortunately, the 12 spots had already been filled by animals. This way, the Cat failed to claim a spot.
  2. On another note, legend speaks that the rat had simply ignored waking up the tired Cat on the day the race was to be held. As a result, the Cat could not be a part of the race (and started loathing the rat from this day onwards).
  3. Another theory that the Chinese people believe in is that cats as pet animals were clearly not a thing when the Chinese zodiac signs were created.

yin and yang cats

In selective areas of China, particularly in the south, people believe that cats can see things that human beings cannot. These things usually refer to spirits and ghosts. The primary reason why many people keep cats is so that evil spirits and bad/dirty stuff can stay away from their homes. 🏡

This is quite similar to the Chinese custom of placing mirrors atop your doors, as can be seen in a wide array of Chinese restaurants. Cats are believed to be superstitious animals in many parts of the world. Some areas of China profoundly believe in this.

The Maneki Neko Cat in China

Conversely, another popular concept of Zhao Cai Mao (signifying that cats bright forth good luck, initially from Japan), the Maneki Neko (meaning lucky Cat), has also become relatively widespread in China in the past few years.

Many store owners possess a cat, or basically a sculpture or figurine of a cat in their shops’ front desks. They hope that the cat or cat statue will bring in more business and eventually lead to a fortune in profits and success. 🙌

Maneki Neko Cat

The Cat God in China

Furthermore, China's people hold a profound and superior respect for cats in their history and culture. The Chinese cat god is often referred to in China’s prehistoric Book of Rites. The cat god, known as Li Shou, protected the Chinese families and crops that were the only means to feed people and sustain life.

Li Shou prevented the mice and rats from feeding on the families’ crops; hence, the farmers deeply worshiped the cat god for this essential service. Depictions of Li Shou can be seen in a significant number of statues of the custodian lions across all of China.

These statues are a symbol of the prehistoric cultural beliefs of Li Shou’s power to guard the best interests of the people.

Yin Yang Cat Hoodie

Yin Yang Cat Meaning and Symbolism

The Yin Yang symbol is quite popular and can usually be seen in a wide variety of things. Interestingly, you will find an array of Yin-Yang symbols incorporating the Cat in various items and designs. ☯️

Some of the most well-known representations of the Yin-Yang Cat can be seen in jewelry items like necklaces and earrings, t-shirts, key chains, tattoos, and many more. The combination of the Cat and Yin-Yang looks spectacular. It can create some incredibly appealing works of art that can please the eye.

Yin Yang Cat

What Is Yin-Yang?

Yin-Yang is a prehistoric Chinese philosophy that proposes that the universe is shaped by combining two opposite yet complementing forces called Yin and Yang. According to the Chinese beliefs, our bodies require the Yin and Yang forces because together, they are vital for living a healthy, long, harmonious, and peaceful life.

Even though the 2 universal cosmic energies are interconnected, they both have several differences. The idea of Yin and Yang revolves around the concept that despite being opposing forces, the existence of both forces is essential in accomplishing eternal balance.

The Meaning of Yin-Yang

Yin is a symbol of inward energy that is dark, still, feminine, and pessimistic. Conversely, Yang is a symbol of outward energy that is bright, hot, masculine, and optimistic in nature.

Yin-Yang Cat and Feng Shui

Over the past few years, the Cat usually appears in feng shui in the form of Maneki-Neko, which is famous for fortune cat in Japan. The Maneki-Neko is actually a quaint statue of a gold-colored cat in a sitting position, waving its paw in the air. This waving paw is an indication of welcoming people to come your way and is widely noticeable in shops' entrances to receive new visitors.

It is worth knowing that there are no such feng shui associations with the Maneki-Neko Cat in reality. It is merely a cute and dainty décor item that is often used to grab the people’s attention as they walk past retail stores. However, it is worth mentioning that the front paw's continuous movement and position create Yang energy. This point tends to be particularly beneficial when referring to feng shui.

Cat in Feng Shui

Yang Energy

The Yang energy actually refers to the fire element, meaning that it is quick, emissive, dry, hot, dynamic, and restless. The Yang energy is constricted and is entirely about direction, willpower, the logical mind, and setting and accomplishing goals.

Being in touch with the Yang energy means being mentally focused and being in touch with the dynamic side of yourself who is eager to accomplish goals. However, excessive Yang energy will lead to you becoming insensitive and losing contact with your emotional self. If there is no control, you will be rigid and lose the ability to open up and express yourself.

Yin Energy

The Yin energy refers to the water element in the sense that it is fluid, responsive, flexible, and accepting. The Yin energy is all-inclusive and extensive. However, it is essential to realize that excessive Yin energy might lead to unnecessary relaxation, causing us to be uninterested, lethargic, and mentally and physically lazy.

It causes you to be exceedingly sensitive and emotional, to the extent that you face difficulty controlling your reactions. This is where the Yang energy plays a vital role in managing your emotions.

The Yin-Yang Balance

Like all things that symbolize Yin-Yang, the Yin-Yang Cat also represents the balance between the fire and water elements. It focuses on the primary aspect that our lives require a balance. Typically, a person with a water-star will be favorable to live within your home premises for the feng shui to be useful. ☯

While the Yang energy triggers you to be vigilant, the Yin energy enables you to be relaxed and at ease. The Yin energy balances the Yang energy’s contracted nature and encourages you to go with the flow and open yourself to life's continuous changes. In all honesty, the Yin-Yang Cat depicts the accurate representation of life.

Yin-Yang Cat Tattoo

The Yin-Yang and Cat combination tend to be visually appealing and can usually be seen in many creative illustrations in the form of tattoos. The Yin-Yang tattoos are a popular form of art. They are widely used alone or with a combination of other essential things or creatures. 🐱

The Yin-Yang tattoo merges the two spiritual images that established balanced energy. It took its inspiration from the Chinese culture that believes that Yin and Yang are significant universal forces of energy that oppose one another but are merely incomplete without their counterparts.

Besides its significance, the Yin-Yang Cat tattoos are especially appealing for cat lovers who can display their affection and adoration for cats in a relatively stylish manner.

Yin Yang Cat Tattoo

The Yin is female, and the Yang is male. The Yin is passive in nature, whereas the Yang is active in nature. Yin is related to cold, and the Yang is related to heat. Like the Yin-Yang, the Cat itself carries a lot of symbolism in Chinese culture. Together, the Yin-Yang and Cat indicate that our lives are balanced and harmonious.

Typically, the Yin-Yang Cat tattoo comprises two cats in opposite directions enclosed within a circle. One cat will be black, represented by Yin, while the other will be white, represented by Yang. This Yin-Yang Cat tattoo is a symbol of maintaining harmony. ⚖️

So, when there is an excess of either Yin or Yang, the Cat tattoo can remind you of the importance of maintaining balance. Other creative illustrations include Yin-Yang Cats in a heart shape or Zen and mandala-inspired designs.

Despite our extensive research, it has been difficult to find relevant information on the Yin Yang Cat. However we hope you enjoyed this article!

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    I had a dream in which I saw back of black cat and white cat sitting beside each other; shoulder to shoulder on the wall near the gate of house. What does it mean?

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