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Yin Yang Tiger Dragon Symbolism

Yin Yang Tiger Dragon

Yin Yang is an old Chinese concept that permeates every aspect of Chinese thoughts, divination, astrology, medicine, art, and government. According to this concept, there are always two complementary force makeup and control all phenomena of life. Yin is a symbol of darkness and is usually represented by the tiger 🐅. In comparison, Yang is a sign of heaven and characterized by a dragon. 🐉

Yin and Yang are the two halves of forces that are incomplete without each other. This philosophy says that the universe is composed of opposing forces such as dark and light, male and female, moon and sun, etc. If the opposite is not present, the equilibrium of the universe will be upset. Therefore, opposite forces always chase each other to maintain balance. Similarly, Dragon and Tiger are two opposing forces symbols in Yin Yang that are incomplete without each other.

Keep reading the article, and we will tell you more about the Dragon-tiger symbolism in Yin Yang philosophy. Besides, we will also discuss Tiger and Dragon in Mythology to clear your queries further. In the end, we will give you unique ideas about Yin Yang Dragon Tiger tattoo symbols.

Yin Yang Tiger Dragon

What is Yin Yang Philosophy?

Before seeing the Tiger and Dragon symbolism, it would be best to have a little overview of Yin Yang's philosophy now. ☯️

dragon tiger in the yin yang

Yin Yang is an ancient theory developed by a school of cosmology (The Yin Yang School) in the third century BCE in China. The leading representative of the school was Zou Yan at that time. This concept entered Japan in 675 BCE, where it is called in-yo. Chinese follow this influential philosophy in every aspect of their lives. Besides, this belief is also very compelling in Japanese societies even today.

Yin and Yang represent duality. Its idea is that two opposite things can exist in reality and complement each other. You can relate it with a quote, “There is no light without darkness.”

You can further understand Yin Yang's philosophy from another quote below!

Tao Te Ching Illustrated Yin Yang as,

"When people see things as beautiful,
Ugliness is created.
When people seething as good,
Evil is created.
Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short defense each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and Aft follow each other."

Dragon Tiger Symbolism in Yin Yang

The symbols of Yin Yang are called Taijitu. Westerns mostly call these symbols Yin Yang symbols. These Taijitu symbols differ in different cultures and used to represent Taoism.

The Tiger-Dragon is one of the variations of Yin Yang symbols. This duo represents the reality of the universe, where the Tiger and Dragon are two opposite forces. Chinese mythology considers these forces as a perfect complement of each other. The reason is that both tigers and dragons are relentless, ferocious, and powerful opponents of each other.

yin yang dragon necklace

According to Feng Shui, these animals are a powerful complement of each other due to their opposing nature.

In this Dragon-tiger pair, the tiger is yin while the dragon is Yang. These two animals represent the struggle between the positive and negative Chi energies. The focus of Chi energy is to maintain the balance between the two forces. This pair perfectly fits the Chi energy balance, as the dragon is offensive while the tiger is defensive. Therefore, both are potent rivals of each other.

Dragons and tigers' offensive and defensive nature play a crucial role in the Chinese Martial Arts discipline 🥋. As an attacker, you should polish your fighting skills like a dragon. You should try to ride the wind and outsmart the people who threaten you. In comparison, if you are defensive, you should work like a tiger. Take two back steps and go five steps above at a suitable time.

If you go deep into these symbols, the dragon is a good symbol in China and represents the spirit and heaven. The tiger is the opposite of the dragon, and it usually means earth and matter. In Chinese history, the dragons represent the emperors. In comparison, the tiger is known for bringing good luck and prosperity. 🍀

In this philosophy, the dragon is considered the guardian of the east as the celestial sphere forms the Azure dragon in the east. In contrast, the tiger is the guardian of the west due to the constellation of white tigers in the west.

Many people think Tiger and Dragon aren't perfect rivals. They argue that a tiger cannot kill a Dragon. The reality is that both animals are mighty and can kill each other. The tigers can slay dragons.

They are agile, smarter, and have better endurance than a dragon. Besides, tigers have powerful bites. They can reach the dragon from behind and kill the dragon with a bite. Comparatively, dragons are sturdy and can kill a tiger with fire and venomous bite.

dragon and tiger

Tiger and Dragon in Mythology

Both Tiger and Dragon are very famous in Chinese folklore and tales. In this section, we will discuss the Tiger and Dragon mythology in Chinese culture. 🧧


The white tiger is one of the four symbols of Chinese constellations. It is also known as the Tiger of the west or Baihu. In Chinese myths, the tiger is the king of beasts. According to Chinese legends, the tiger's tail turns white when its age is more than 500 years. The Chinese believe that the white tiger appears when an emperor rules with absolute virtue.

The white color of the tiger represents the west. Therefore, the tigers are also called the mythological guardians of the west. The people of Huiji, Zhejiang, used to worship the White Tiger God on the 14th of the first lunar month. 🌑


The dragons are also among the four symbols of Chinese Constellations. The Dragon in Yin Yang is a giant solar dragon that also acts as a god in Chinese mythology. Dragons found in Chinese culture have snake-like bodies with four legs. These dragons are the symbol of strength, power, and good luck. They traditionally symbolize controlling the auspicious and potent powers.

In Chinese culture and myths, extraordinary people are represented with the dragon symbol. Furthermore, many emperors used to show their strength and power with dragon symbols in imperial time.

Dragon and Tiger Wall Art

Yin Yang Tiger Dragon Tattoos

In the Tattoo’s world, Yin and Yang tattoos have achieved a great deal of popularity. Chinese have been embedding these Yin Yang symbols on their bodies from the 3rd century BCE. Likewise, the Japanese have also been huge fans of these tattoos since 675 BCE. Nowadays, Yin Yang Tattoos are equally famous in China as well as the western world. Many celebrities have Yin Yang symbols on their bodies nowadays. Therefore, everyone wants to craft Yin Yang Tiger symbols on their bodies.

Furthermore, the people who are connected to the Chinese culture one way or another always love to get Yin Yang tattoos on their bodies.

In this section, we will see the famous Yin Yang Dragon-Tiger Tattoos ideas. After that, we will tell you about the celebrities who have Yin Yang tattoos on their bodies.

Yin Yang Dragon-Tiger Tattoo Idea

Both Tiger and Dragon are very mighty and ferocious animals. When these animals are put together in the tattoo's world, they offer a very up roaring and boasting look. Let us see a few Dragon-tiger Tattoos Ideas now!

At Upper Back and Muscles

When you think of body parts that make you sexy and swaggy, muscles and upper back will hit your mind most probably. Having a roaring Tiger-Dragon tattoo at these parts further adds to the swag of your body. Therefore, if you have a muscular body, you should have big Yin Yang tattoos on your upper back and muscles. 💪

Dragon tiger tattoo

Couple Goals

Hey! If you have a strong relationship with your wife, fiancée, or friend, you should split up the tattoo in two halves, and both lovers should have one part on their bodies to share an emotional bond and understanding. Besides, you can also share matching Yin Yang Tattoos. 👫

Couple tattoo

White Ink Tiger-Dragon Tattoos

Many people use white inked Tiger Tattoos to represent their strong bond with Yin Yang philosophy. It will be great if you also draw a white tiger tattoo on your body as it gives a unique look and shows your strong connection with Yin Yang philosophy.

Small Tiger-Dragon Tattoos

Small Tiger-Dragon Yin Yang symbols at wrist, knee, neck-back, inner finger, and behind-the-ear are very famous nowadays. The beauty of these small tattoos is that they offer a very sleek and minimal look. Further, they don't disturb the natural beauty of your body.

small yin yang tattoo

Which Celebrities Have Yin Yang Tattoos?

Yin Yang Tattoos are famous worldwide, and many celebrities have these tattoos on their bodies. The famous names to have Yin Yang tattoos are Annie Marie, Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf, Marzia Bisgonin, Amira McCarthy, Nikki Williams, and Megan Fox.

An Ancient Chinese Philosophy

Yin Yang is an old Chinese philosophy that strongly impacts Chinese thoughts, decisions, and other aspects of life. The philosophy states that every force exists in a complementary pair. Dragon-Tiger is the most famous Yin Yang pair.

If you want to know about the symbolization of the Dragon-tiger pair in Yin Yang philosophy, you should read the above article now as we have discussed this concept in detail there. Besides, we have also discussed the ideas for Dragon-Tiger Tattoos and the celebrities who use Yin Yang Tattoos above.

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