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5d Diamond Painting Wolf
5d Diamond Painting Wolf yin yang
5d Diamond Painting Wolf
5d Diamond Painting Wolf yin yang

5d Diamond Painting Yin Yang Wolf

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Because it sees at night, the wolf has been a symbol of light, a solar animal, a warrior hero and even a mythical ancestor among certain peoples. If you have the soul of a warrior or simply appreciate the powerful animal that the wolf represents then this 5d Diamond Painting Wolf will be perfect for you!

Features of this Wolf Diamond Painting :

  • Material : Resin
  • Decor type : Yin Yang Diamond Painting
  • 1X self-adhesive canvas with the pattern to be covered with diamonds
  • 1X plate of glue to be used to grip the diamond with the stylus
  • 1X green container that allows you to receive and sort/return the diamonds in the right direction by shaking it lightly
  • 1X pair of pliers (to be used to apply the diamonds)
  • Small numbered diamond sachets
  • Art-Therapy : Increases the ability to concentrate, helps to calm the most active, relieves stress and helps to relax.
  • Original Gift Idea : For a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day and many other occasions.
  • Give a unique style to your home

*The photo of the diamond painting is not totally similar to the finished product in very minor details. It is shown here in 45X45cm in square diamonds.

If you don't know how to make your Diamond Painting consult our tutorial How to do Diamond Painting.

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