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Red Cinnabar Necklace
Red Cinnabar Necklace

Chinese Cinnabar Necklace

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Made of natural materials, this Chinese Cinnabar Necklace will be perfect to carry the Bagua symbol with you everyday. The meaning of this symbol is very spiritual. In fact, this bagua also called 'Pa kua' represents the 8 elements.

Features of this Cinnabar Necklace:

  • Natural Cinnabar Pendant
  • Jewel type: Yin Yang Necklace
  • Resistant Necklace: Reinforced Cord
  • Pendant Size: 44 x 42 x 9 mm | Chain Size: 65cm | Weight: 29gr
  • Ideal to offer a symbolic gift
  • Unisex (necklace for men and women)

Wear the colors of the rainbow with a taoist jewel such as this stainless steel rainbow yin yang necklace. Visit our collection of yin yang necklaces to discover harmonious jewels. Discover our yin yang jewelry to amplify your spirituality through a taoist object.

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