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	 yin yang harmony balls
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	 yin yang harmony balls
yin yang health balls
yin yang meditation balls

Chinese Meditation Balls

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Essential to achieve a perfect relaxation session for your meridian muscles. If you don't know how to use these Chinese Meditation Balls, don't hesitate to visit our blog article on how to use them.

The Chinese balls of Qi Gong

These Chinese balls of Qi Gong Yin-Yang are used in health exercises from traditional Chinese medicine. The use of these Chinese health balls helps to activate the blood circulation and reduce its stress level. Traditionally, Chinese elders have the habit of rolling these stone balls in the palm of the hand in order to nourish vital energy.

The benefits of health balls:

This Qi Gong exercise helps to relax the tendons and muscles of the body. It also activates blood circulation.

The movement of the balls in the palm produces a pleasant massaging effect, stimulating the acupuncture points of the hand to release energy from the associated organs.

Features of this Yin Yang Balls :

  • Chinese Baoding Balls : Relaxation balls
  • 2 X Baoding ball
  • 1 X gift box (the color of the box is random)
  • Material : iron, resin, copper
  • Diameter : 4.7cm

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