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Martial Arts Patch
Martial Arts Patch

Martial Arts Patch

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Proudly represent kyusho jitsu by wearing this Martial Arts Patch. Based on Chinese medicine, this martial art allows to be efficient in its practice.

What is Kyusho?

Kyusho Jitsu is the modern version of Dim Mak, which was developed in China in the 14th century. Dim Mak (Chinese) or Kyusho Jitsu (Japanese) is the study of the vulnerable areas of the human body. It is based on Chinese medicine and allows to be more efficient in its practice by hitting or pressing on acupuncture points. This practice hidden in the "Forms or Kata" has resurfaced in recent years.
Kyusho Jitsu is not a discipline in itself, it is considered a very good complement, a great added value to the practice of Martial Arts. But practiced outside the context of a Martial Art, it is also a formidable and very effective form of self defense.

We teach specific exercises from kata applications (bunkai), as well as many practical applications of pressure points, in self-defense situations. Accessible and effective points in a realistic practice.

Kyusho is not only that! It is also a work on the well-being of the human body, thanks to Shiatsu, thanks to Reflexology, thanks to ancestral rebalancing techniques of kuatsus, (ancient methods taught at the very beginning of Judo).
The work is always practiced in pairs, so it is essential to restore the physical integrity of the partner, with these techniques of rebalancing.

Features of this Martial Arts Patch:

  • Solid Couture: Weatherproof patch
  • Accessorie type: Yin Yang Patch
  • Ideal to personalize your clothes
  • Perfect for: backpacks, jackets or t-shirts
  • Patch to be sewn on the garment
  • Ideal to offer a symbolic gift

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