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Taoist Bracelet
Taoist Bracelet

Taoist Bracelet

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Yin and Yang belong to a concept stemming from Chinese philosophy, more precisely from Taoism. The latter is one of the pillars of Chinese philosophy founded by Lao Tse. If you embrace to this magnificent philosophy then this bracelet will reinforce your ideals.

Features of this Taoist Bracelet :

  • Zinc Alloy Bracelet
  • Jewel type : Yin Yang Bracelet
  • Powerful Spiritual Symbol
  • Cabochon diameter : 2cm
  • Length : 21cm
  • Ideal to offer a symbolic gift

Discover this yin yang bracelet balance today. It will reflect your personality. Otherwise, you can also visit our yin yang necklaces with this collection. The yin yang jewels are also there to show that Taoism has no more secrets for you!

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