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Yin Yang Dragon Tapestry
Yin Yang Dragon Tapestry

Yin Yang Dragon Tapestry

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A creature of great power in China, the Dragon is synonymous with wisdom. This Yin Yang Dragon Tapestry will give to your house a strong energy.

Features of this Dragon Tapestry:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Give a unique style to your home
  • Printing: High quality and color accuracy
  • Decor type: Yin Yang Tapestry
  • Machine washable

Are you more aquatic than aerial? This koi fish wall tapestry representing koi fish will be ideal for you. It will show the importance you have to the koi fish symbol and the values of taoism. Here is a wide range of yin yang tapestries, visit this collection and find your choice among all our decorations. You can also visit all our yin yang decor for a better overview!

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