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Yin Yang Wolf Painting
wolf painting
Yin Yang Wolf Painting
wolf painting

Yin Yang Wolf Painting

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Combine the wild side of the wolf with the philosophy of Taoism by decorating your home in the most beautiful way with this Yin Yang Wolf Painting.

Features of this Wolf Painting:

  • Canvas printing: World reference quality in terms of printing and giving a "painting canvas" aspect.
  • Decor Type: Yin Yang Painting
  • Ultra Light: One nail is enough to hang it on the wall
  • Material: Cotton canvas
  • Extremely accurate color rendering

If you have the spirit of the pack in your heart then this beautiful yin yang wolf canvas will decorate your home with kindness. You can also reinforce the spirituality of your home by discovering and adopting one of our yin yang paintings via the dedicated collection. Decorate your living room with spirituality thanks to our yin yang decor.

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