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Zodiac Sign Keychain
Zodiac Sign Keychain

Zodiac Sign Yin Yang Keychain

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No matter if you are rather yin or yang this Zodiac Sign Keychain will be appropriate for all the signs. Soak up the positivity of the signs in order to avoid all the negative waves around you.

Features of this Zodiac Sign Keychain:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Accessorie type: Yin Yang Keychain
  • Powerful philosophical values
  • Ideal to offer a symbolic gift

Immerse yourself in Taoism with these steampunk keychain that will reveal your level of inner peace. Beautify your harmonious accessories box, go to the dedicated collection. For all the other Accessories with the effigy of an ancient Chinese symbol, we have a yin yang Accessories collection.

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