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What Shoes to wear for Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Shoes

Most likely, you are aware of the fact that shoes are an important part of the tai chi uniform. But students are often seen wearing athletic shoes throughout Tai chi.

You must understand that these shoes aren’t designed to slide during Tai Chi practice. While your feet constantly span through degrees of rotation, if your shoes do not provide drag, it can severely affect your knee and foot.

So, what should you be wearing for Tai Chi practice? 👟

A good pair of Tai Chi shoes provide support and stability and enhance the possibility of better performance. Wearing the wrong shoes will not only disturb your practice but derail your whole fitness. You might experience ankle pain, heel pain, shin splints, and even worse i-e fracture.

Therefore, whenever you are up to buying a pair of shoes for Tai Chi practice, you need to think twice about what qualities your shoes must have. Since there are lots of brands selling tai chi shoes, you must look for the best shoes in our online store that have everything you want.

This article will provide information on choosing the adequate Tai Chi shoes, some best tai chi shoes at Yin Yang Paradise, and unique tips to make your choice. 🥋

What Shoes to wear for Tai Chi?

How to Choose Adequate Tai Chi Shoes?

Tai chi art form requires complete contact between feet, toes, and ground. While sneakers or athletic shoes are unable to provide this contact, we recommend you never wear them for advanced practices. In the start, you might get along with sneakers, but as you proceed in practice, you definitely need a good pair of tai chi shoes.

Here is the bucket list which should be fulfilled while you pick up tai chi shoes:

Flexible and Sturdy

Since tai chi involves a lot of footwork, it demands flexibility, coordination, and precise movement. This can only be executed through shoes that are flexible enough to support various turns and have a sturdy grip to allow the smooth flow of all the movements.

You should also look for the subtle difference between Kung Fu and tai chi shoes to choose the right pair. Tai shoes are harder, have more complex sole patterns such as waves and suction cups, and support wide feet. 🦶

tai chi

Material of Sole

Tai chi shoe soles can be made of hard plastic, rubber, or cotton.

Hard plastic sole is primarily used in tai chi slippers and rarely in tai chi shoes. Hard plastic provides mediocre grip so that you can use them for some indoor practices.

Rubber sole provides maximum flexibility and adjustability. When you practice, not every movement involves full foot. At one time, you need only to move your forefoot, while the other time, you have to pivot on your heels. Rubber soles can support subtle movements without disturbing other parts of the foot or leg and helps in executing precise movements. Rubber soles are also best for outdoor practices.

Cotton soles will work best if you practice on a wooden floor or carpet. They offer maximum flexibility combined with a high level of comfort in practicing.

Tai chi shoes

Shoe Material

Though expensive, soft leather shoes are the best for Taichi. They are durable and provide more protection, allowing greater flexibility in footwork.

Canvas shoes will work for you if you need a soft and breathable material. However, they are less durable and less expensive than leather shoes that can be best in warm or humid environments.


Breathability is another important factor to let you practice comfortably. Shoes that let the heat out keep you fresh for longer. So, if you prefer leather shoes, you might have to compromise on this quality. Breathable leather variants are also available, but they are far more expensive than plain canvas or leather versions, as it is a complicated process to change the leather into a porous material. 💨

martial arts shoes


Only lightweight shoes will allow the easy turning and tossing of the body without any hindrance. Heavyweight tai chi would be of no use in your practice. So, it's advisable to never wear heavy shoes when you practice martial arts. ⚖️

Sole Design

The sole of tai chi shoes should be large as if it's supporting wider feet. Most importantly, the front part cannot be narrow.

Top 5 Best Tai Chi Shoes

To compact down your choice, here are the 5 best tai chi shoes:

5) Chinese Traditional Cloth Shoes

Our top pick is Chinese Traditional Cloth Shoe. The hybrid material makes the pair breathable and durable. The flexible rubber sole, elastic entrance, canvas top makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor practices.

Tai Chi Shoes


  • The slip-on Hybrid Tai chi has an elastic entrance and durable outer sole
  • Upper cotton lining is comfortable for practice sessions and doesn't leave your feet heavy
  • Lightweight and simplest shoe design focus mainly on breathability
  • Can work for other martial arts such as Kung Fu and wushu
  • Wider front area ideal for wider feet
  • The model is available for both men and women


  • With time, elastic fabric tends to slack
  • Only available in black color

4) Leather Tai Chi Shoes

Leather Tai Chi Shoes


  • The pair has a sleek and elegant design that matches athletic tai chi style
  • Lace-up feature and smooth leather upper provide a secure and adjustable fit
  • The rubber outsole bears more traction than regular tai chi shoes
  • Work ideally for high impact practice
  • Available in red, black, and white color and both for men and women
  • The shoes are perfect for martial arts, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and similar sports and practices


  • Non-breathable
  • Not ideal for wider feet

3) Tai Chi Shoes

Cotton Kung Fu Shoes


The pair has a somewhat different design derived from ancient China rather than the regular Tai Chi shoes. 👟

  • Slip-on entrance enhances the comfort level
  • Rubber sole allows the firmer grip to the ground
  • The shape of the shoe makes workout easy, and the cotton lining doesn't feel heavy on feet
  • Shoe design encapsulates the foot perfectly and provides enough space for turning or cutting movements
  • Work well in indoor and outdoor practices
  • Can be used for various types of martial arts


  • Design may not be suitable for smaller feet
  • May not endure rough terrains

2) Martial Arts Shoes

Martial Arts Shoes Black


  • The pair is amongst the most comfortable and durable models available in our online shop. 🛒
  • Its rubber sole provides flexibility with every turn
  • The design of the shoes supports the feet for comfortable mobility
  • Flex-form technology allows the complete foldability of the shoes to wrap it for transport without affecting the integrity
  • Outer rubber sole is slip-resistant that can endure high traction
  • As the shoes are available in small, medium large, and extra-large sizes, you won't have any problem selecting your size.


  • Due to poor traction, not ideal for outdoor tai chi

1) Yin Yang Chinese Tai Chi Shoes

Chinese Tai Chi Shoes


  • Yin Yang Paradise brings you the perfect traditional tai chi shoes. The simply designed shoes give modish vibes and are extremely comfortable.
  • Upper made of canvas makes the pair light, breathable and durable
  • Anti-slip rubber sole offers the strongest grip in the outdoor and indoor practice
  • With slip-on style, you can don or doff the shoes without any fuss, thus easy to wear
  • The shoes are available for men and women from sizes 35 to 44


  • You may not find a bigger size in this pair

Where Can I Buy Tai Chi Shoes?

To create a trustable buying guide for you, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to shop some good quality Tai Chi shoes from Yin Yang Paradise.

yin yang shoes

Yin Yang Paradise is a growing online store for Yin Yang concept enthusiasts, where you can find countless yin yang items without any hassle. The store features products selected from the best craftsmanship of China. The list of products that the store holds to help you find peace and happiness is long, ranging from jewels and room decoration items to clothing and Chinese balls.

Apart from a wonderful collection of high-quality tai chi shoes, our shop is known for its good customer service and good knowledge of the goods we sell. What is more enticing is that our online shop is growing in its services every day.

With unlimited amazing Tai Chi shoes items in our warehouse, you can sift through the search results and find the best Tai Chi shoes for you. In a shop like Yin Yang Paradise with a vast collection, it is quite certain that you would get Tai Chi shoes of your own choice.

You can compare prices from different online sellers to convince yourself that Yin Yang Paradise is no less than any big store to offer high quality, reasonably priced yet stylish Tai chi shoes.

So, if you are hunting for tai chi shoes that match your needs and show unique craftsmanship, you've come to the right place.

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