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Yin Yang Balls: How Does It Work?

Yin Yang Balls

Today's world makes it very important to know how to relax and take time for ourselves. Take care of your body and mind. That's why we propose you a blog article so that you can relax with the help of our Yin Yang Balls.

These Chinese balls are very famous for their benefits. Discover in this article, the history of the Qi Gong balls and mostly, how to use these balls with strong properties of relaxation.

The Benefits of Chinese Balls

Chinese balls bring an inner balance, which is what humans are looking for. Their action is beneficial to the growing stress of our changing societies. Thanks to their massages, they make it possible to direct the energy towards any kind of energy which part of the body, immediately, we feel a reaction, a kind of feeling of wellness. ⚖️

In this way, we can daily fortify and gradually animate each part of our body.
Practice makes it possible in daily life to adapt the growing energy to the harmonious development of our being.

Yin Yang Balls

Preparation for Practice

The choice of the balls - hollow metal, solid stone
There are several types of balls both in diameter and appearance outside, it is recommended for beginners to use the small balls (45 mm).

  • As for the exterior aspect, choose according to your taste and instinct. Some will prefer golden balls for their optical effects, which is assimilated to light or to the energy that spreads inside our body!
  • Do not let anyone handle your balls, they must be strictly reserved for your use. Wash your hands before each session because it is through them that the healing waves will spread. Listen to your intuition, trust the relaxation balls, they will guide you on the path of universal energy! ⚡

Respiratory Conditioning

In the practice of balls, it is important to feel the harmony of yin and yang. The rotation is done clockwise and counter-clockwise. The outward movement represents the expansion of energy yang activity, the movement towards the inside represents the physical and mental expression, brought back to the yin center.

Respiratory Conditioning

The movement is rhythmed with controlled deep breathing to manage the nerve centers in order to resist diseases and maintain a good balance.

To start breathing with the small celestial circuit focus on the breath to avoid dispersing mentally in order to establish a balanced inner calm.

« To make the mind dive into its belly;
energy exchanges with the mind
becomes pure and the energy crystallizes. »

Yin Yang Meditation

A session of meditation and visualization is recommended to eliminate distractions and bring a better concentration during the exercises.
Through meditation, one reaches different levels of consciousness that allow the being to evolve in accordance with the laws of nature, a more serene world. 🍃

Mental visualization (through images) is a more effective way to work with the balls; calming the mind, feeling energy faster, strengthening the method, "example: see a golden sun" above the head that radiates and penetrates us, or as a spiral. 🌀

With your eyes closed, begin to recharge yourself with vital energy, the balls are the tool that amplifies energy, feel the vibrations of the natural forces of the cosmos in your hands, the energy enters the body and flows through the meridians. 🖐️

The Benefits of Chinese Balls

The yin and yang sounds are even more effective thanks to the vibration they emit, so when you manipulate the balls of magic sounds, with amazing virtues promote the flow of energy related to the five elements, the breaths help tone and strengthen the five organs and viscera.

The XUI sound for the liver, CRO for the heart, HU for the spleen,
SHOU for the lungs, TIXUAI for the kidneys

Receptivity of the hands, extrasensory perception serves to make our five senses more aware and receptive, thanks to our consciousness. The fingers of the hand are in relation with the five cosmic elements, which allows us to communicate with the organs of our body.

How to use Yin Yang Balls?

yin and yang baoding balls

Meditation Step by Step

1st step : Meditation

a) Meditation, with subdued lighting, soft background music, loosen your clothes. Sit on the floor with a cushion to keep your back straight, hands crossed on your lower abdomen, shoulders relaxed and close your eyes. Inhaling and exhaling, is done regularly, gently (small celestial circuit) nourish your lower Dantian by paying attention "felt" on the breath.

b) Meditation with sounds, the same exercise, trying to remove all inner thoughts, to be at peace. Inhaling and exhaling, is done regularly, gently, pronouncing the appropriate sound, paying attention to the "feeling" on the breath. In the exhalation one visualizes the impurities that come out of the organ concerned.

c) Place his consciousness in his fingers and hand to enter in relation to the
elements of cosmic energy that govern us.

2° step : Sitting or standing position 🧘

1° exercise -sensitivity

  • Rub your hands to get into receptivity
  • Focus your attention with his consciousness on his hands to accumulate energy.
  • Shake hands at the end of the exercise 👋

2° exercise concentration/listening

  • Rub your hands to get into receptivity
  • Place his conscious and listening in your hands.
  • Put your hands in front of you parallel to your chest, go back and forth.
  • Observe the sensation and reaction of your hands.

3° exercise - vibrations

  • Rub his hands to become receptive.
  • Standing with your hands turned towards the sky, fingers stretched out without force, looking for information, vibrations, telluric waves, electric waves that surround us permanently and affect our vibratory field.
  • Enter into the perception of these subtle vibrations, be attentive to this contact.

For a good practice

  • Wash your hands 🧼
  • Choose a quiet place with soft lighting
  • Be in comfortable clothing
  • Practicing exercises with breathing

Rotation of the Relaxing Balls

  • Turn the balls in the right or left hand to stimulate the reflex points,
    helps the hand and wrist suppleness thanks to vibrations.
Rotation baoding balls

1) A heat appears and the vibrations will be more and more important
2) Improved blood circulation through manipulation
3) Start with two balls, three balls, four balls
4) Same exercise under the soles of the feet

  • Pleasant feeling of warmth throughout the body
  • Vibrations in the lower abdomen
  • Tingling sensation
  • Feeling of lightness and liveliness
  • Increase in saliva and perspiration
  • Provides a good balance of body and mind
  • Restores energy potential
  • Removes tension from discomfort
  • Wisdom, self-confidence, peace and love in the harmony of a better life

Yin Yang Balls in Hand

The history of Qi Gong Balls

Stemming from a multi-millennial medical tradition in China, these fabulous Chinese instruments reharmonize the body, by circulating the Qi in the meridians. Let's not forget that Chinese balls, of their real name "Baoding", city of Hebei, have been manufactured without interruption since the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

In traditional Chinese medicine, the disease is caused by an energetic imbalance that manifests itself in different organs, depending on the pathology. The purpose of the Qi Gong balls is to re-establish an energetic balance in all the organs and to make the blood and energy circulate freely throughout the body. " The rotation of the balls in the palms of the hand causes a sensation of warmth thanks to the kinetic energy. This heat penetrates the hand by stimulating the reflex zones that regulate, stimulate or intensify the energy of the meridians". 🌿

The Qi Gong balls have quite surprising effects on improving blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, reducing muscular and mental stress. "Its benefits have been scientifically verified by teams of Western doctors, who have found that regular users of Baoding achieve an improvement in their self-healing capacity in many chronic disorders."

Types of Balls

*Wooden balls: they are usually made of a very hard wood from a fruit tree. They are becoming increasingly rare and can still be found in collectors and antique shops. Too light, they are not very practical to handle, but wood being a symbol of health, they remain very popular with connoisseurs.

*Stone balls: they are generally made of marble, onyx or jade for users with little regard for expense. The coldness of these stone balls and their weight are particularly indicated for people who suffer from an excess of Yang energy. Freshness is an important element in calming this
energy and the smoothness of the material makes them easy to handle.

*Metal balls: they are the most commonly used in silver-plated iron. Very solid, easy to handle, they have an advantageous weight to stimulate the reflex zones. Some of them are magnetic, which amplifies their powers, producing a very pleasant and useful sound to give rhythm to their use.

Yin Yang Paradise

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