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Yin Yang Tree of Life Meaning

Yin Yang Tree of Life

For ages, the concept of yin yang holds an important place in Chinese philosophy and culture 🧧. The concept that originated from Taoism is the utter representation of harmony, balance, and completeness in every element of the universe. The concept expresses how the duality of everything is a necessity to completeness.

One cannot achieve harmony or appreciate the importance of an element until he experiences its dual aspect. For example, we cannot appreciate the importance of light without darkness, youngness without oldness, or goodness without badness.

The deepest meaning of yin yang is not just limited to words but explained through the symbol of yin and yang. The symbol is a circle with two black and white tear-shaped halves where each half has a dot with the opposite color. The black half indicates yin, and the white half represents yang. When combined with other elements of the universe, the beauty and meaning of this symbol further intensify. 🔥

Various popular yin yang symbol combinations include yin yang (lotus, dragon, koi fish, tree of life..).

If you are also curious to know more about the yin yang tree of life, stay hooked to understand its meaning, the reason for the association of the tree of life to the yin yang, and the meaning of yin yang tree of life tattoos. 🌲

Yin Yang Tree of Life Meaning

What Does the Yin Yang Tree of Life Mean?

Tree of Life Meaning:

Throughout history and in almost every culture and religion, trees are considered an important element of power and spiritualism. The symbol tree has the richest meaning and symbolizes various things at a time. It may symbolize life, freshness, rejuvenation, wisdom, understanding, glory, kingdoms, or beauty.

The tree of life symbol holds an important status since ancient times. The earliest example of the symbol was found at Domuztepe excavations in Turkey that date back to 7000 B.C. It is believed that the symbol spread all around the world from here.

Yin Yang Tree of Life

The symbol indicates good luck, protection from evil forces, spiritual fulfillment, and physical health. People often gift this symbol to their loved ones for their good luck and protection. 🍀

The meaning develops from the four stages through which a tree goes in a year. The stages help us understand the feelings and energies associated with different situations. In the spring season, flowers and leaves bloom with all their glory, and in the summer, it goes through the development process. In autumn, leaves change their colors to blue, and in the winter, leaves and flowers bear the harsh environment and finally shed the leaves.

Once the tree goes through these four phases, it ends up being alone, weary, and tired. But as the spring arrives, life comes back to the tree, and it starts spreading positive energy in the environment. ☀️

Yin Yang Paired With Tree of Life

Tree of Life Bracelet

The tree of life is often paired with the yin yang symbol and is a popular tattoo choice for many. When combined, the yin yang tree of life symbol reinforces the yin yang concept's real meaning and adds to its original purpose. The meaning may vary depending upon the stage and type of tree. It depicts the notion that anyone who wants to be a growing, fruitful and valuable person, rather than focusing only on one of the opposite forces, should strive to bring the harmonic balance in his life. ⚖️

The yin yang tree can be depicted in certain orientations, colors, and designs. For example, if the tree roots are anchored in one half, and the top of the tree is located in the other half of the circle, it symbolizes life and death, and the balance is maintained through the continuous loop of life death.

The yin yang tree of life has a similar depiction as the life cycle of a tree. Just as the spring season balances by flourishing flowers and leaves, we bloom in the happiest moments by spreading love, happiness and letting others grow and be fruitful. Likewise, difficult situations demand us to change our whereabouts and be patient to pass that challenging time.

Why Is the Tree of Life Associated With the Yin Yang?

yin yang tree of life

Yin yang is often associated with the tree of life because both symbols have compelling meanings. Combining both the symbols increases the energy and the influence associated with their meanings. The combination strengthens the belief that if someone wants to grow and be successful or achieve mental peace and fulfillment, he must look for ways that bring synchronization in his life and stabilize the opposite forces.

Another reason for associating yin yang with the tree of life is that it reminds us that we have to be more tolerable and train ourselves to accept the negativity linked with positivity. It urges us to mold ourselves and accept the challenges and diversities as we accept harmony and happiness. It reminds us that we have to invent ways to move us to the harmonic flow of life with strength and courage. 💪

No matter, the mental and spiritual peace that we always long for can never be achieved without normalizing ourselves with every situation, whether good or bad.

The Tree of Life in Buddhism

the tree of life buddhism

In Buddhism, the tree of life, the pipal tree, is also known as Bodhi-tree, Bodhi fig tree, or tree of awakening. Bodhi tree was a huge tree located in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India, and was considered a respected and sacred entity. Siddhartha Gautama, a spiritual teacher and later became Buddha, received enlightenment while meditating under this tree at Bodha Gaya in 500 BCE. According to Buddhists Tripitaka, Buddha meditated there for seven weeks without even moving from his place. For this reason, the Bodhi tree is deliberated as a sign of enlightenment and a path to greatness. Later, a shrine, Animisalocana cetiya, was built at the place where he meditated.

In Buddhism, Bodhi tree is commonly and prominently recognized through heart-shaped leaves symbols.

This ancient tree's direct descendant is the existing Mahabodhi Tree that was planted in 250 BCE and is growing at Bodh Gaya at the Mahabodhi Temple. This holy tree is considered one of the four main Buddhist pilgrimage sites, and to date, many pilgrims visit this sacred tree🌲

There are other holy Bodhi trees (Trees of life) that have great significance in Buddhism. Other trees are Anandabodhi Tree and Sri Maha Bodhi Tree, and both of them are believed to have originated from the original Bodhi tree.

Sri Maha Bodhi Tree is located at Anuradhapura, Ceylon; Sri Lanka is also believed to be a Bodhi tree descendant. It was grown from the cutting of the Bodhi tree brought by King Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE.

Tree of life Tapestry

Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoos

Yin yang tattoos are among the most popular tattoos from Chinese philosophy. Apart from the original yin yang tattoo, yin yang combination tattoos are also trendy. The yin yang tree is also one of the most loved tattoos. Chinese always focus on keeping balance in everything and frequently wear this tattoo. If you are also searching for balance and need positive energy, you can opt for a yin yang tree of life tattoo. ☯️

  • An essential aspect while planning to get this tattoo is the type of tree you want to carve on. The yin yang tree tattoo isn't always designed with a single tree. You can complete it with cherry blossoms, ash, palm, bonsai, oak, or maple trees. Every tree depicts different meanings and adds extra energy to your life. So, be sure to discuss with your tattoo artist before choosing your tattoo.

Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoo

Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

Tree tattoos are prioritized since the origin of tattooing. The meaning of the yin yang tree of life depends on the tattoo and the person getting it. With so many kinds of trees, different meanings are associated with each. However, one thing is common in every tattoo. Every yin yang tree tattoo characterizes rejuvenation, regeneration, and balance of life. 🌱

The yin yang tree of life tattoo joins two beautiful and deep meaning symbols into one. The tattoo shows the physical and spiritual aspects of both symbols. The symbol has deep and long roots anchoring it in the soil and long and strong shoots reaching up the skies. The three parts of the tree i-e trunk, roots, and crown represent the fulfillment and rejuvenation in every universe element.

Having a yin yang tree tattoo can express your desire to attract positive energy to achieve stability and prosper in every matter.

In ancient cultures, the Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoo was used to depict a person’s social rank or social group. A person with noble background and action was considered eligible to get this tattoo. As the symbol held a sacred place in ancient cultures, only noble people were entitled to get it.

The yin yang tree tattoos can be designed in a lot of ways. You can highlight the tree's bark, extend the branches of the tree, exhibit one or two leaves or as many as you want. You can add more than one tree in a yin yang circle with different designs, colors, and highlights.

Yin Yang Tree of life tattoo meaning

Common Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoos

A very prominent and interesting form of yin yang tree of life tattoo is the tree and its silhouette. In this tattoo, one half of the circle shows a tree with a darker background, and the other half shows its silhouette with a lighter background.

Another very typical example of the yin yang tree tattoo is a black and white tree of life spread on the two halves of the yin yang circle. It depicts strengths, rejuvenation, reincarnation, vitality, and knowledge. It represents the never-ending cycle of life through connected branches and roots and the struggle involved in continuing that cycle. 🔄

Why Wear a Yin Yang Tree Tattoo?

men tree of life tattoo

Before moving on to why you should wear this tattoo, remember one thing: These tattoos' effect depends on what you believe about them. If you genuinely believe in their meaning and power, you will get the results.

Are you in a constant struggle of balancing opposing elements in your life but always fail?

If you are going through the same state, your soul and body need balance, and a yin yang tree of life tattoo can help you achieve this harmony.

If you are always unsure about your preferences and feel like your soul is divided, you can wear a yin yang tree tattoo to channelize oneness and peace into your soul. This tattoo will help you eliminate the constant inferiority or superiority complex and let you be content with what you have. It will not stop you from achieving better and more. Instead, it will attract the positive energy to help you achieve your goals without panicking or being stressed.

You are not obliged to wear this tattoo only for balance. You can wear it even if you have a balanced life. The tattoo drawn on your arm, neck, hand or any visible part of your body can depict your personality, thoughts, feelings, your principles, or your view of life.

The endless cycle of life

The yin yang tree of life is the best depiction of the eternal cycle of life and the needed harmony and unity in life. It depicts the constant struggle of its roots and branches to complement each other and maintain their existence. When used as a tattoo, the beautiful symbol can become a source of attracting energy or representing your personality, thoughts, or feelings.

We hope that just like the yin yang tree symbol, all of us can achieve indispensable balance in our lives. ⚖️

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